What will Brexit mean for the UK Pharma-industry? 

What will Brexit mean for the UK Pharma-industry? 
by Alana Cumming
June 21, 2016
2 mins
What will Brexit mean for the UK Pharma-industry? 

Brexit has been a talking point in our HQ in London for the past few weeks and also a hot topic with our clients. Whether a regulatory affairs boutique consultancy, global CRO or UK based pharmaceutical manufacturer, Brexit might have an impact on the way we do business moving forward and might even have a knock on affect on how products are marked in the UK and how we market products outside of the UK. 


I regularly reach out to Regulatory Affairs Consultants from around Europe, with the aim of tempting them with a new opportunity in the UK. Due to the high demand for experienced Regulatory professionals, with the recent vote to leave the EU, this has spooked some candidates. The vast majority of my clients have offices globally and have international employees, the clients I have spoken to about Brexit have reassured me that they will support their employees come what may with Brexit as they are international businesses and aim to remain that way. 


But, let's face it, we are all unsure of what this will mean for the UK. However, I am hopeful that it won't impact how we trade with other countries and won't limit candidates from outside of the UK being able to bring their expertise to the UK. 


{ A vote by British citizens to leave the European Union could have important implications for the way drugs and medicines are tested and marketed.}


The referendum is being watched closely by many leading players in the pharmaceutical industry who argue that a Brexit vote would be damaging for research and patient access. 




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