RARE - Daniela Malik

RARE - Daniela Malik
by Laura Hulley
July 4, 2024
10 minutes
RARE - Daniela Malik

Interview with Daniela Malik: Navigating the Path from Pharma to Rare Diseases
In the latest episode of Rare, we had the pleasure of speaking with Daniela Malik, an accomplished marketing director with extensive experience in developing and delivering integrated marketing, brand, and communication strategies for multinational corporations within the life sciences sector. Daniela transitioned into the rare disease space in 2021 by joining Jazz Pharmaceuticals after spending several years in the aesthetics market.

Journey in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Daniela’s career in the pharmaceutical industry began in 1999 while completing an MBA in the United States. Moving to Germany, Daniela participated in a management development program, gaining valuable experience in cardiology, working as a sales representative and later moving into neurology, focusing on Parkinson's disease across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

After the stint in central Europe, Daniela relocated to the UK, remaining in the pharmaceutical sector. With a diverse range of roles and responsibilities, Daniela was equipped with a broad understanding of various medical fields and market dynamics.

Transition to Rare Diseases
In 2021, Daniela made a significant shift to the rare disease sector by joining Jazz Pharmaceuticals. This move marked a new chapter in Daniela’s career, aligning extensive marketing expertise with the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the rare disease landscape. At Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Daniela was involved in spearheading efforts to address the unmet needs of patients with rare conditions, ensuring that innovative therapies reach those who need them the most.

Insights on the Rare Disease Sector
During the interview, Daniela shared valuable insights into the rare disease sector, emphasizing the importance of tailored communication strategies and patient-centric approaches. It was highlighted the critical role of collaboration between various stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, patient advocacy groups, and pharmaceutical companies, in driving advancements and improving patient outcomes.

Future Aspirations
Looking ahead, Daniela is committed to continuing to make an impact in the rare disease space, focusing on creating impactful marketing strategies that resonate with both healthcare providers and patients.

Thank you to Daniela for taking the time to feature!

Any views expressed in this interview are Daniela’s own.

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